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Self-Published Books


In this day and age, a writer doesn’t need to wait around (usually forever) for a publisher or an agent – the elusive gatekeepers of the book industry – to say yes. Self-publishing has never been easier. It represents an excellent way to produce a book you are proud of, while retaining creative control of your work, and building direct relationships with your readers.

I have published my own book, which was supported by a crowdfunding campaign, and helped several other authors to self-publish theirs. Each project was unique, and involved a certain amount of providing constructive feedback, editing and rewriting, proof-reading and page layout design. I also helped them with allocating ISBN numbers and working out print costs.

I can support you with your self-publishing project, at any point along the journey: The writing, editing, proof-reading, metadata, design, publication, distribution and marketing. Contact me on to find out more.



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June 8, 2022