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A beautifully–written blog post can be used as the cornerstone of a digital marketing campaign. You can slice it and dice it to create snippets, shorter posts and links on social media, and include it in your next newsletter. When you share it across all your marketing channels, your blog post can spark conversations, drive traffic to your website, and help generate enquiries. And, if you publish new content consistently, you will gradually build up a library of valuable resources.

I offer a bespoke subscription service to people who need a steady flow of fresh marketing content, to help them promote their business online. The package includes support with planning and research, and a regular supply of ideas and original blog posts (with accompanying social media posts) for your website and your chosen social media platforms. The package is carefully tailored to you, and your short and long-term marketing objectives:

  • I can offer you one, two or three days per month – depending on the amount and type of content you need for your digital marketing activities.
  • I can write one, two or three blog posts (with accompanying social media posts) per month – depending on the length of each piece, the complexity of the material, and how much research I need to do.


This is how it works. To begin with, we sit down over coffee or meet online for a discovery call. I ask loads of questions and you tell me about your business, your industry, your target customers and your key marketing messages. Between us we brainstorm ideas for blog posts that your readers will find interesting or useful: Stories could include company news, industry trends, case studies, opinion pieces, how-to guides, special offers, interviews, and features about products or services.


We then go through our story ideas, pick the best ones for the near future, and make an action plan. We can either tackle one month at a time, or schedule and create your marketing content for several months in advance. You send me any resources I need, I compile all the information, organise and check it, and carry out research if required.


I then write the blog posts (with accompanying social media posts) and send everything to you. It’s important that you’re happy with the content, the details, the flow, the tone and the messaging, and I can edit it at this stage to make sure it’s absolutely right. We also need images – we can either use your photos or source them on a royalty-free image website – and I can help with cropping if needed.


Once we’ve agreed the final copy and all your lovely new original content is ready to go, you can upload it to your website and share it across your marketing channels whenever you’re ready. If you want additional support with the publishing part, we can talk about that too. For more information or to arrange a chat about my bespoke content marketing subscription service, please email


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January 18, 2024