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My name is Alison Stodolnic. I am a freelance copywriter and editor, with many years of experience in journalism, marketing, report writing, publishing and project management. I write with accuracy and consistency, producing clear, engaging copy that is easy to read and understand.

I work with small businesses, large companies and non-profit organisations, enabling them to communicate effectively with their customers, contacts and stakeholders. If you need a reliable copywriting expert to write, edit or simply finesse your words, please get in touch.


I can provide editorial support with producing reports, turning complex source materials into clear, concise copy


Let’s work together to create a stream of news articles, blog posts and thought leadership pieces, to demonstrate your expertise


As your editorial project manager, I will work with a team of writers, contributors and designers, and keep an eye on deadlines


I can help you generate leads by writing powerful marketing copy, website pages, campaign concepts and advertisements


Here are some samples of articles I’ve written, projects I’ve worked on, and organisations I’ve collaborated with. I also have an amazing network of partners to call upon for support, including other copywriters, social media experts, designers, website developers, PR professionals and proof-readers.


“Alison is a good interviewer and writer who sets a high standard. She is reliable, a good communicator and, above all, thoroughly professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

— Simon

“I highly recommend Alison as a writer. She’s friendly and easy to work with, always understands what I want to say, and knows how to express it with clarity, warmth and a creative flair.”

— Tracey

“Alison was the project manager of a complex project I worked on. She skilfully liaised between the team and client, consistently communicating and resolving issues to keep it all on track.”

— Megan



LinkedIn: alisonstodolnic